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It’s crazy out there. Many stores and services are closed. Those that are open are mob scenes of long lines, empty shelves and limited allowances.

But guess what is open and has everything you need? Amazon.

Yes, I know you know that but did you know that Amazon Pantry Food has groceries? As in, every-single-thing-you-need groceries? Household cleaners, paper supplies, fresh meat, fresh produce, dairy, desserts, baking supplies, spices, pantry supplies? Purchased without leaving home and delivered right to your door? I didn’t. For real.

Most of these are shipped free with a minimum order or with Amazon Prime* so what are you waiting for?

Order Groceries Online

Amazon Pantry

Tired of long lines and wasted trips? Did you know that you can order groceries online from Amazon? They’re delivered right to your door and shipping is FREE with a $35 order!

We’ve got some best-sellers…

And some deals…

Even coupons for savings of up to 30%!

Enjoy the brand names you love as well as Amazon private label and exclusive brands such as Wickedly Prime* and Happy Belly snack foods.

Gluten Free Foods

Are you having trouble finding the gluten free foods you need to help you feel healthy? Amazon has plenty of independently 3rd party certified options to ensure that every product made is Certified Gluten Free & Non-GMO Project Verified and they deliver right to your door! Enjoy selections from stores such as Bakery On Main, Zego, The Only Bean and more!

Delivered Fresh To Your Door

Where’s the beef?

Amazon offers a wide selection of high quality meats as well as poultry and seafood from well-known butchers such as Porter & York, Omaha Steaks, H.F.s Outstanding Meats and Catullo Prime Meats.


Fresh Fruits and Vegetables? Yes, Please!

If you need some fresh produce, look no further than Amazon to deliver it right to your door from a wide array of farms such as Fairview Orchard!

The Really Good Stuff

Who’s got room for dessert?

Order from your sofa and have these delicious confections shipped straight to your door! You could even have some sweet creations delivered to someone so they know you’re thinking of them.

My favorites are Barnett’s Fine Biscotti and the delightful Turkish foods offered by Mughe Gourmet but there are no shortage of yummy things like cake, cookies and pastry! The only real problem is deciding what to choose!

Variety Is The Spice Of Life…

So you might as well replenish the spice rack while you’re there…

Bulk Foods

Want to save time and money? How about loading your pantry up with some of these bulk food packages? Always have what you need at your fingertips!

Gourmet Foods and Beverages

Sometimes you just want to feel fancy. Amazon has got your back with these select and unique items!

And All That (Other) Jazz


Meal Kits

Don’t feel like cooking? Have a few of these on hand for those days when you want to feel pampered!

Pet Food

Yes, Amazon carries their own Wag brand dog food but they also have all The Big Names in pet food for all your furry, feathered and aquatic family members!

What Baby Wants, Baby Gets

Amazon offers a wide variety of baby food and supplies including their very own Mama Bear line!

Cleaning Supplies

I know this isn’t the top of your list but, honestly, you’ve got to clean your place at some point and Amazon has the market cornered on cleaning supplies which includes their private label, Presto!

Paper products

Running low? No problem! Hop online and get all the toilet paper, facial tissue and paper towels you need at a great price!

Whole Foods

Amazon Prime* members get exclusive deals, such as 2 hour delivery (in select zip codes) and special discounts for Prime members!

*Do you qualify for a discounted Amazon Prime membership?

*Prime Student 6-month Trial

I hope this helps with your shopping needs! Please let me know what you got and how you liked it!

Happy Shopping!

All my best,








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8 Replies to “Amazon Pantry Food”

  1. Hi Cynthia. No I did not know Amazon delivered groceries. Wow. That sure saves the risk of exposing yourself and your family to COVID-19. The less we are out and about these days the better. Do you know if Amazon Canada offers that service as well?

  2. Hi Cynthia, thanks for this! I shop amazon all the time and I never thought of looking for groceries. Great tips. I also like your 12 questions answered. Great website.

  3. I didn’t know amazon offers fresh vegetables and fruits. Did you say meat as well? Wooo,w, that’s crazy. This is such a valuable post given the current conditions. With free delivery, this is no brainier really.
    Thank you for the timely article.

  4. A very timely post, with everything that’s going on. I didn’t know amazon offer a grocery delivery. I will be informing my family members of this. Thank you

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