Old Fashioned Apple Crisp


Old Fashioned Apple Crisp

1 apple, peeled and sliced

¼ tsp vanilla

3 tbls cold butter, cut into chunks

3 tbls brown sugar

3 tbls old-fashioned rolled oats

3 tbls flour

¼ tsp cinnamon

Preheat the oven to 350℉.

Grease a 2-cup, oven safe dish and put the apples in it. Sprinkle apples with vanilla.

In a small bowl, mix butter, brown sugar, rolled oats, flour and cinnamon. Top the apples with this mixture.

Bake until the apples are soft, about 20 minutes*.   Place under broiler if additional browning of the top is desired.

Drizzle with caramel sauce if desired.

2 servings, 295 calories per serving

*It’s fine to use whatever type of apple you have on-hand but different apples have different textures and therefore require slightly different cooking times.




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10 Replies to “Old Fashioned Apple Crisp”

  1. Oh my goodness, those old fashioned apple crisps look amazing! I really like the small size of each individual serving in a ramekin. That is probably going to be a good option for our scaled-back Thanksgiving celebration this year. No need for lots of big pies when there are only a couple of people to feed. These little treats look perfect though and would be a great compliment to a turkey dinner!

    1. They would be good for Thanksgiving!  The flavors really blend in with the other traditional fall foods.  My brother told me that he mixes up a bowlful of topping and leaves it in the fridge so it will be ready for anyone who wants to whip one up.  All they have to do is peel an apple!

  2. Hi Cynthia, I have never heard of an old fashioned apple crisp before! This recipe sounds very sweet and yummy too! Where do you get all your recipes from? I like the way these are inexpensive to cook also!

    Thank you for sharing. I will be sure to give this ago!

    1. Apple crisp is fairly common in my area (New England) but we also have a lot of apple orchards here.  Please let me know what you think! I have used many recipes that I’ve grown up with and my friends contribute as well.  

  3. Thank you so much for shaing a great recipe to make Old fashioned apple crisp, this is a wise way to have a sweet treat after dinner and keep the calories under control, just the right amount of flour, oats and sugar, and making it on individual portions will help me to keep on my diet. The instructions to make it looks quite easy to follow, I’m sure everyone in my family will love it!

    1. Thank you for your kind comments!  I agree that individual portions are always good for controlling how much we eat.  Enjoy!

  4. I love apple recipes. Those little ramekins are So neat for presentation. We have about 6 of those in the cabinet. I think the most I have ever used at once is four dishes.The recipe says put in a 2 cup dish. Will it work in the ramekins like you show in the picture? How many will it take and should the time be set any different? 

    1. This recipe will fill a 2-cup dish so the number of ramekins you use will depend on what size they are.  As for the cooking time, the apples should be tender but the time needed would depend on how deep the ramekins are and what kind of apples you use.  I would suggest that you start checking at 12 minutes.

  5. Mmmm YUM! Apple crisp is one of my favorite desserts… I love how you have fashioned the recipe into small ramekins. I have such a hard time when it comes to over eating and this really will help a lot. Do these freeze well and what kind of shelf life do they have once frozen?

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