Spaghetti Sauce with Italian Sausage

Spaghetti Sauce with Italian Sausage


6 cups chopped tomatoes (4 pounds)

1 onion, chopped

1 green pepper, chopped

2 tbls sugar

1 tsp dried Italian seasoning

1 tsp dried basil

1 tsp dried oregano

2 bay leaves

1 pound Italian sausage, sweet or hot, uncooked

Put all ingredients, including sausage in large pot and bring to simmer. Cover and cook, stirring occasionally, for 1 hour until internal temperature of sausage reaches 165͑͒.

Remove sausage and cut into slices. Remove bay leaves. If desired, sauce can be processed in batches with blender or food processor until smooth. Return sausage to sauce and serve with your favorite pasta or spaghetti squash.

12 servings, 165 calories per serving


Hack: Put serving sized leftovers portions in sealable freezer bags or containers leftovers and freeze for future use.

Suggestion:  Substitute these meatballs in place of the sausage!


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