Vanilla Dessert Sauce

Vanilla dessert sauce is a versatile topping that comes together in minutes and can be drizzled over bread pudding, apple crisp or even fruit salad!

Vanilla Dessert Sauce
Vanilla Dessert Sauce

Vanilla Dessert Sauce


1 cup milk

2 tbsp sugar

1 tbsp cornstarch

1 tsp vanilla


Whisk together milk, sugar and cornstarch.  Bring to simmer over medium heat, whisking constantly.  Allow to simmer for one minute and remove from heat.

Can be used warm or cold.

Refrigerate leftovers in a tightly covered container.


Serving size: 2 tbsp, 31 calories per serving

Hack:  Pour over a fruit salad, apple crisp or bread pudding!


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8 Replies to “Vanilla Dessert Sauce”

  1. Thanks for this recipe for how to make Vanilla Dessert Sauce. This vanilla topping can be used in combination with many desserts, and since I am a fan of the vanilla flavor, I will definitely give it a try.
    Since we are all sweet tooth at home, I don’t believe there will be anything left and it won’t need to be stored in refrigerators. I will try it together in combination with pudding first.
    Friendly greeting,

  2. I do not have access to cornstarch currently as it’s been bought out in my area. Is there an alternative I can use, will potato starch work fine for this recipe? As I have made my own extracted potato starch in the past, but I also currently only have buttermilk and coconut extract.(hopefully that will be fine I know it won’t be vanilla dessert but thats fine.)

    1. Potato starch can be substituted for cornstarch in the same amount.  As far as the coconut and buttermilk, I think it would be worth giving it a try.  The buttermilk will give it some tartness, which you could smooth out with a bit more sugar if you choose to.  The coconut extract will definitely make it “coconut sauce” as opposed to “vanilla sauce” but there’s nothing wrong with that!  Please let me know how it comes out!

  3. The website look and feel is so elegant and inviting. And the picture of vanilla sauce pouring just makes my mouth water. I have tried to make a good vanilla sauce but it always comes out to sticky and sweet. This recipe is easy and reliable  and most ingredients I already have in the kitchen. 

  4. I really like it when the final results are a custard vanilla sauce. In my book, consistency is very important (not too thick, not too thin). And another thing I take care of is it should have just the right amount of sweetness. When I accomplish this, it’s fantastic as a bread pudding sauce, it tastes incredible drizzled over fresh fruit, or paired with any baked good.

    1. I love sauces and gravies…on everything!  I was very excited to come up with this great-tasting dessert sauce.  Thank you for your comments!

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