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A Little Bit About Me

Welcome to Cynthia Eats! I have been a foodie since, well, forever, having garnered an intense appreciation of all things food from my father.

As a young girl, I would pour through cookbooks to create dishes and desserts for my parents and brothers. My favorite was a community cookbook distributed by our local church.

When I got married, I found a new “best ever” cookbook by Betty Crocker.  In both I appreciated the basic ingredients (all of which I could most likely find in my kitchen already) and the consistently tasty results.

Who’s Hungry?

I have always enjoyed creating food for my family, both as a young girl and as a married woman with children of my own.

But time marches on and the time came that I found myself in the position of having to cook only for me. Eventually, the thought of preparing meals for one started to become a chore.

As I began to speaking to other single people, I found a similar train of thought. It’s hard to create a meal for one. All that shopping. And prep. And dishes. Three times a day. Every. Single. Day.

Grabbing something at the drive thru or convenience store on the way home seems easier, right? Or throw a frozen dinner in the microwave. Bar food with a few friends, maybe?

So Why Am I Here, Exactly?

Because I very much enjoy good food, that way of life was not sustainable for me. I began to look into different ways to create fresh, healthy, whole food meals that are quick and easy to make and/or can be prepared in larger portions to freeze for effortless “Grab and Go” meals.

And then I thought…why not start an online community where we can all come together to share our thoughts and ideas (and recipes!!) about this? Because although my friends are quick to call me a know-it-all, I’m pretty sure that’s not the case! 😉

Please join me in endeavoring to get back to healthier and more enjoyable eating habits. Feel free to comment on my posts or email me a great recipe or idea that I can share with everyone. And maybe the delivery guy can take the night off.

I’m looking forward to meeting you!



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6 Replies to “About Cynthia”

  1. Cynthia
    You might want to consider using sources for info, history, facts.
    My geek boy rec’s it, so you dont get copyright frig’d.
    Anyhoo, I love this blog. You have done a great job so far, keep going!

  2. This site is inspiring. You’ve nailed my thoughts on making cooking for one. Enjoy the humor sprinkled throughout the topics!
    Your tips and hacks have inspired me to try out a few of your recipes and put some sustainable food in my fridge and freezer. Your tomato soup recipe sounds easy and healthy. It’ll be great for these cold winter days ahead. Looking forward to seeing more and experimenting with your suggestions.

  3. Like this website. Very interesting content and recipes… I will definitly try some of those recipes. I’m often alone at home so all here is good to try!.
    Looking forward to seeing more and experimenting with your suggestions here.

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