Easy Guacamole Dip in Cucumber Boats


Easy Guacamole Dip in Cucumber Boats


Easy Guacamole Dip in Cucumber Boats


1 ripe avocado, peeled, pitted and mashed

¾ tsp lime juice

1 tbsp minced onion

1 tsp freshly chopped cilantro or ⅓ tsp dried cilantro

½ tsp minced garlic

1 cucumber, peeled, split lengthwise with seed removed

Salt and pepper to taste

Mix avocado, lime juice, onion, cilantro and garlic in a small bowl and set aside.

Sprinkle salt and pepper on cucumber and fill “boat” with guacamole. Serve immediately.

2 servings, 175 calories per serving

Hack:  Serve this with or mix it with Simple Pico de Gallo (Easy Fresh Salsa) for an extra special treat!

Hack: Place any leftover guacamole in a sealable bag. Roll to press out as much air as possible and seal tightly. Store in refrigerator for up to two days.

Hack:  Ever wonder how to tell if an avocado is ripe?  How long it will be good after you buy it?  Check out these tips to find out!

Hack: Fresh herbs can easily be frozen. Lay flat in a single layer and freeze. Transfer to a freezer-safe container and seal tightly. Store in the freezer for up to 12 months. Alternately, herbs can be chopped and placed in ice cubes trays. Cover in oil and freeze for future use.



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2 Replies to “Easy Guacamole Dip in Cucumber Boats”

    1. I love it when a plan comes together! I love this combo because I can have my guacamole and not have to feel bad about eating chips.

      I had just bought some cucumbers and made a dish of guacamole when I got the call to go to Florida. Now I’ll have to do it all over again…

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