Dill Greek Yogurt Dip

Dill Greek Yogurt Dip
Dill Greek Yogurt Dip

Dill Greek Yogurt Dip


⅓ cup full fat plain Greek yogurt

2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar

2 teaspoons dried dill weed

Black pepper to taste

Combine all ingredients. Allow to rest for one hour to meld the flavors.


One Serving. Calories: 125

Hack: This recipe can be used in many ways. It’s full-flavored and powerful so a little goes a long way! It can be used as a dip, a dressing or to marinade meats. At a ¼ the calories and ⅓ the fat, it makes a healthy substitute for mayonnaise when making potato/pasta salads and sandwich salads such as egg or tuna.

Hack: I use full-fat yogurt because I like the mouthfeel, taste and thicker texture as opposed to low or nonfat. If you prefer your dip even thicker still, drain the yogurt in the fridge overnight by using a cheesecloth-lined mesh colander. Place the colander in a bowl to catch the excess liquid.

Hack:  Use this dip to make Greek Yogurt Marinaded Chicken or Egg Salad!



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10 Replies to “Dill Greek Yogurt Dip”

  1. Hi!

    Thank you very much for this summarized recipe for the dill Greek yogurt dip, but in the ingredients, is it important to add black pepper, or can we replace it with another spice or not, as I don’t like black pepper so much.

    Thank you again, I wish you respond fast.

    Best Regards,


    1. Thank you for your question!  You may certainly omit the black pepper, if you wish.  Spices are a matter of taste and can always be adjusted according to your personal preferences.

  2. My mouth is watering already and I haven’t even made it yet. This is a great recipe for putting over salads. I would never have thought to put apple cider vinegar with yoghurt. I’m going to try this recipe for lunch today.

    Thanks for putting up such healthy and delicious recipes.

  3. Hello there, Cynthia! I have been looking to make a new type of dressing for my salads besides the usual ranch, thousand island, various forms of vinaigrette, and several others. I think this recipe you created looks like one I want to try next. Something creamy and a bit on the tart side. I think this will go great with the meats too! Thanks for this recipe.

  4. Hi Cinthya, your dill greek yogurt dip must be great with some tortilla chips. I also think that full-fat yogurt is so much better than the low or non-fat variety. I like to make potato or red cabbage salads with a yogurt-based dressing, but I never seasoned it with dill until now. It`s a great idea to try out with my next salad.

    1. It has never occurred to me to make a cabbage salad salads with this (or any yogurt) dressing!  I’m definitely going to try it.  Thank you for the great idea!

  5. Hi Cynthia this Dill Greek Yogurt Dip looks so good! I’m trying to switch Mayo with a healthier sauce/dip and this looks exactly what am looking for!

    I have just one question can I use lemon/lime instead of apple cider vinegar or it’s going to ruin this delicious dip?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

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