Toasted Ramen Noodles

Toasted Ramen Noodles

Toasted Ramen Noodles


2 tbsp olive oil

½ onion, chopped

½ cup frozen peas

1 clove garlic, minced (1 tsp)

¼ tsp salt

¼ tsp pepper

½ tsp parsley

2 oz block of plain, dried ramen noodles, slightly crushed

1 cup beef bouillon, hot

2 tbsp balsamic vinegar

1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce

1 cup leftover beef or pork, chopped


Heat oil in a skillet over medium heat. Add onion and saute until onion is soft and translucent, 5-8 minutes. Add peas, garlic, salt, pepper and parsley. Saute until fragrant, about 1 minute.

Add crushed ramen noodles and saute, stirring continuously, until lightly browned, 3-5 minutes.  Turn heat up to medium-high.

Pour beef bouillon over noodles gradually to maintain sizzle in the pan and allow liquid to absorb, still stirring constantly.

Add balsamic and Worcestershire to the pan, scraping the bottom to deglaze.

Stir in meat and cook just until warmed through.

Serve immediately.


2 servings, 360 calories per serving

½ cup frozen onions can be substituted for fresh onion in this recipe.

Hack:  Dehydrated vegetables can be used in this recipe.


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10 Replies to “Toasted Ramen Noodles”

  1. These toasted ramen noodles sound so yummy. I’ve only ever had them once and I want more. I loved your recipe it was so easy to follow and the ingredients are simple to buy. Loved the picture it did make me hungry and I’ve just eaten.

    Thanks for this great recipe.

    May I suggest that you move your social icons to the right, they are very annoying when cooking and trying to read the recipe but I love your dark background and gorgeous picture. (you can delete this sentence, it’s just to help.)

    1. I’ve had the others tell me the same thing about my social icons.  I thought I fixed it but since it’s still bugging people, I’ll take a second look!

      I’m very glad you enjoyed the ramen.

  2. Oooo! okay, I have to send this one to my brother. I definitely plan on making this for myself, but my brother LOVES ramen, and I think he will appreciate this a lot. Thank you so much for this information and for always being so thorough on your recipes. I can never say that I am disappointed with them

  3. Another great dish Cynthia.

    This looks like a real comfort dish.  I think that I would enjoy putting this together for myself when I am coming in late and wanting something quick and easy.

    The noodles will be tasty and fill me up.

    Thanks for sharing it with us and keep them coming.

  4. I saw the photo and it made me hungry. Come to think of it… maybe not eating for several hours had something to do with that… Anyway, I am going to forward this article to my wife (we live apart now, but she still comes over sometimes and cooks for me!) and see if she would fancy building this for us! I like the look of your site, btw.

    1. Thank you for your kind comments!  When your wife decides to make it, please let me know if it lived up to its picture!

  5. thank you for this awesome recipe.  As a former college student, I learned to love Ramen Noodle a great deal and that is something that has been carried on in my life.  Slowly I have started to learn to make this dish in different ways, and I really like how you have made this dish!  thank you for sharing!

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