Asian Dumpling Wrappers

Asian Dumpling Wrappers
(Courtesy: Yuhong Sun)


3 cups flour

1 cup water


Measure flour into a large mixing bowl.  Add water, a little at a time, mixing continuously, until it forms a dough and no flour is left in the bottom of the bowl.

Knead dough 300 times, patting with water occasionally if it begins to feel dry.  Cover and allow the dough to rest for 20 minutes.

Divide dough in half and roll each piece into 1” ropes.  Slice each rope into 30 pieces and shape into flat circles.

Thin each circle by rolling with a pin from the outside edge toward the center, turning the circle in 45° increments with your other hand, using a lightly floured surface if necessary, until it measures 4”-5” across.  This makes the wrapper thinner at the edges than in the middle, making it easier to neatly crimp the edges of the filled dumpling. It will also make the center of the wrapper stronger so it won’t leak during cooking.

Alternatively, you can roll the entire dough thinly (again using a lightly floured surface) and cut with a 5” round cutter.

Fill each wrapper with 1 tablespoon of Chinese dumpling filling. Wet the edge of the dumpling wrapper and press to close, making the entire edge is tightly sealed.**  For more in-depth instruction on rolling and pleating dumplings, check out this video!

Fill a large pot with water and bring to a very gentle simmer.  Add about 20 dumplings, making sure they are not crowded.  Each time the water begins to boil more rapidly, add cold water to bring it back to a gentle simmer.

When dumplings float to the top, they’re done, 3-4 minutes.

If preferred, dumplings can be cooked in the air fryer for 6 minutes.

**Dumplings are often served at gatherings and are traditionally assembled jointly by the group or family that are going to eat them. Try experimenting with different shapes and have fun putting them together with your guests!


60 dumpling wrappers, 25 calories per wrapper

Hack:  These wrappers can be used to make Wonton Soup or cut in 8” squares to make Vegetable Spring Rolls!

Hack:  A pasta roller can be used on the 6 or 7 setting to produce sheets of dough to cut for wrappers.

Hack:  For more instructional videos for making traditional Chinese cuisine at home, visit Yuhong’s Country Kitchen on YouTube!